Deutsch 12 Songs

Conceptual painting by Bettina Rave at the Galerie G, Freiburg, Reichsgrafenstr. 10
November 16, 2018 – January 11, 2019 (Opening on Friday, Nov. 16th, 7–9 pm)
Extended until 2019 3rd of February!
Canvases 1
Canvases 2 Ausstellung Singen
Treaty. Tribute to Leonard Cohen, Galerie G, Freiburg 2018
Works on Paper
Film Video

In tribute to Leonard Cohen, who died on November 7, 2016, Bettina Rave translated 12 of his songs into colorful painted notations. She encoded Cohen's voice for each song into related imagery. The height of these works remains consistent at 60 cm. Their width, ranging from 60 cm to 175 cm, is dependent on the duration of each song. The number of verses determined the depth of the paintings; 8 mm was calculated for each verse. Each tone was given its own color; the pauses are white. The length of a tone determines the width of its band of color: an eighth note is 4 mm wide, for example, a whole note is 32 mm, etc. ... Produced with acrylic on shirting fabric in 2018, the title of this 12-part work series is Treaty. Tribute to Leonard Cohen.

By comparison and contrast, colors were attributed to letters of the alphabet in the smaller-scale, seven-part series heute (today). These works were done using acrylic on cardboard. The two series shown are both about translations from one code into another: in the first series from tones into colors; in the second from letters into colors.

A typographical multiple is also on display in the exhibition as well as the video work painting
(Bettina Rave, 2016, DV, color, 6 mins.).

Bettina Rave
Info instagram bettinarave on Instagram A video tour of the current exhibition (YouTube)